Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Creative Source

Formed 1972, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Based in Los Angeles, early 70's funk / soul group Creative Source consisted of:

Barbara Berryman, Barbara Lewis, Don Wyatt, Steve Flanagan and Celeste Rose.

Their first album of funky soul, and still a major classic from the early 70s! Creative Source were way more than just a regular soul vocal group from the start -- as they had some superior vocal arrangements from Skip Scarborough, who really gave the group a unique approach that mixed jazz, soul, and funk into a sound that worked off of earlier male/female styles laid down by groups like Friends Of Distinction and the 5th Dimension, but make them work more in a straight soul vein. The group does a classic rendition of Scarborough's "Can't Hide Love", which was a hit for Earth Wind & Fire, plus nice covers of two tracks by Sussex labelmate Bill Withers -- "Who Is He & What Is He To You" and "Let Me In Your Life". Also includes their own "Oh Love", which is a nice groover! And if that's not enough, this CD also includes 5 bonus cuts, with some of their best titles, like "Corazon", "Pass The Feeling On", and "I Want Ya (Loving Me)".

Creative Source
1 You Can't Hide Love (3:19)
Written-By - Skip Scarborough
2 Let Me In Your Life (3:03)
Written-By - Bill Withers
3 Lovesville (3:58)
Written-By - Joe Thomas (10), Mike Stokes
4 You're Too Good To Be True (3:29)
Written-By - Joe Thomas (10), Mike Stokes
5 Wild Flower (4:38)
Written-By - David Richardson (2), Douglas Edwards*
6 Magic Carpet Ride (3:10)
Written-By - John Kay, Rushton Moreve
7 Who Is He And What Is He To You (11:40)
Written-By - Bill Withers, Stan McKenney*
8 Oh Love (3:25)
Written-By - Joe Thomas (10), Mike Stokes
9 Corazón (4:39)
Engineer [Remix] - Orson Lewis Written-By - Carole King
10 Pass The Feeling On (4:53)
Written-By - Joe Thomas (10), Mike Stokes
11 I Want Ya (Loving Me) (3:50)
Written-By - June Gatlin, Skip Scarborough
12 I'd Find You Anywhere (3:17)
Arranged By [Strings & Horns] - Brad Shapiro, Mike Lewis (7)
Arranged By [Vocals] - Creative Source, Earl Thomas (2)
Producer - Brad Shapiro
Written-By - Marilyn McLeod, Pam Sawyer
13 Who Is He And What Is He To You (Single Version) (3:25)
Written-By - Bill Withers, Stan McKenney*

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